For our loyal customers: free ERGOLASTEC service package

As a big thank to our loyal customers using the ergonomic workplace mats for the well-being of their employees, we are giving them a "free" ERGOLASTEC service package. It is very important for us to provide our customers with the best support and advice on the use of the ERGOLASTEC floor protection mats, so that they can take advantage of all ergonomic and economic benefits and can work with healthy and efficient employees.

With the use of the ERGOLASTEC ergonomic workplace mats, our customers fulfill the health needs of their employees and also reduce their company costs. Because, according to the 2018 BKK Report, 24.7% of the disability days were caused by “back pain” (dubbed No. 1 disease). This is the equivalent of 17.2 days that the employee was unable to work, annually. By using the ERGOLASTEC® workplace mats, you counteract back pain. This is also confirmed by the AGR seal of approval with which our quality mats have been awarded. We guarantee absolute added value for companies and employees.


Promoting people's health at work - that is our aim!


With the ERGOLASTEC service package, our customers are "completely looked after" because the ergonomics experts from KRAIBURG, specializing in MATTING SYSTEMS, offer the following services:


  • Free test of the ergonomic properties of ERGOLASTEC workplace mats (with an application period of more than 5 years)

  • Checking the mat installation on site

  • Evaluation of the additional standing workstations in terms of size, positioning, surface and environmental impact

  • Comprehensive on-site advice & potential assessment

An appointment for the free ERGOLASTEC service package with one of our employees is possible at any time!

You are not yet a customer of ours, but would like to become one? Contact one of our employees & benefit from comprehensive on-site advice including potential assessment!

ERGOLASTEC Serviceteam