AGR certificate for a health-promoting company

Companies that advocate the health of their employees and implement health-promoting measures such as the equipping of walking and standing workplaces with AGR-certified workstation mats will be awarded the AGR certificate by KRAIBURG MATTING SYSTEMS from now on.

Fact is: About 5.3 million people, in Germany alone, work in industry. Workplaces like these represent a special ergonomic challenge.

Ergonomics contribute to cost effectiveness. That’s not just a hollow phrase but a proven fact. After all, a person spends an average 10,000 days or around 80,000 hours at their place of work during their working life. If the ergonomic prerequisites are poor, this can have serious consequences for their health: False posture and incorrect strain lead, above all, to pain in the back and joints. And this has effects on days of absence due to illness as well as on productivity. An ergonomically sophisticated commercial workplace is therefore a rather clever investment: It avoids work-related diseases, reduces absences and increases the performance and motivation of the employees.


A real relief: Workstation mats reduce back pains and increase performance

Ergonomic cushioning workstation mats make a positive contribution for millions of people with standing occupations. An elasticity of the mats adapted to the human physiology not only relieves the strain on the ankles, knees and hips but also on the spine. Another positive side-effect: Concentration and performance capability is prolonged and employee downtimes reduced – which ultimately increases motivation.

The KRAIBURG MATTING SYSTEMS team has taken on this problem and the obvious chance for improvement in cooperation with the German association “Aktion Gesunder Rücken” (AGR) (Action Healthy Back). With the aim of showing companies the advantages of back-friendly workstation mats and providing them with useful information on the subject of the back and back health to enable their employees to achieve a working life free from back pains.


AGR-certified ERGOLASTEC workstation mats

The AGR-certified, ergonomic ERGOLASTEC® workstation mats were developed especially for making it easier to stand for long hours at work in the industrial sector.

The specially designed surfaces stimulate intuitive compensatory movements. This immediately has two positive effects: On the one hand, the muscle pump in the legs continues working and ensures constant circulation. On the other hand, the strain on the back muscles is more even. So, no one-sided pressure is exerted on the spinal discs.


Commendation of exemplary users:

Many companies in Europe are already convinced by the effect of the ergonomic workstation mats “Made in Austria”. And this conscientious use is being particularly honoured by KRAIBURG MATTING SYSTEMS in cooperation with the AGR. These companies are considered pioneers for the “back-friendly work” initiative at standing and walking workplaces and receive an AGR certificate for “health promoting measures” in the course.

The following companies have already received the award:

  • Hörmann, Deutschland, KG Brandis:

By equipping 37 customer-specific standing workplaces with the ergonomic ERGOLASTEC workstation mats, the Hörmann Deutschland, KG Brandis company has considerably improved working conditions for its staff. Our field representative Josef Frauscher said thank you for the splendid initiative and presented the AGR certificate (AGR Aktion Gesunder Rücken E.V) for health-promoting companies.

A big thanks also goes to our specialized retail partner JANIK ergonomische Bürowelten for their supplying and support of Hörmann Deutschland, KG Brandis.


Aktion Gesunder Rücken Zertifikat


  • GKN Driveline Bruneck

The ergonomic ERGOLASTEC workstation mats were used on about 30 production lines and have improved ergonomics there. The company also pursues the internal directive to equip all new production lines with ergonomic workstation mats from KRAIBURG in the future. 
Thank you for the perfect cooperation with our partner Dr. Rabe Industries. 


  • ZF Friedrichshafen AG

The AGR-certified ERGOLASTEC workstation mats were used at ZF especially on the assembly lines. So far, 10 lines and 50 pre-assembly stations have been ergonomically improved. Future assembly lines are being planned and will also be equipped with health-promoting measures to avoid back pains at work.



The standing workplaces at the assembly benches were equipped with 800 ergonomic workstation mats of the ERGOLASTEC brand. A gratifying investment in the employees’ health.

A big thank you for the successful cooperation goes to our partner ERGOPROTECT.


We would like to thank our numerous customers and partners for their commitment to health promotion and congratulate them on their sustainable investment: Highly motivated staff at walking and standing workplaces – free from back pains due to back-friendly measures.

Further information about our AGR-certified workstation mats can be found here. And if you have any questions about the products as well as our services - our Sales Team is always glad to help!