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What effects do elastic floor mats have?

  • Reduction of muscular fatigue symptoms through increased muscle activation
  • Reduction of the increase in foot volume by activating the muscle pump
  • Alleviation of joint and back problems through the shock-absorbing effect
  • Prevention of health damage through thermal insulation

How are ergonomic industrial mats beneficial from an economic perspective?

  • Reduction of illness-related absence from work (joint or back problems)
  • Reduction of costs incurred through illnesses/absences
  • Increase in productivity and motivation

Why is the KRAIBURG Matting Systems range so extensive?

To ensure optimal adaptation to the needs of our customers: KRAIBURG Matting Systems offers a wide range of ERGOLASTEC® products to meet all basic requirements in industry, trade, and commerce (fireproof, liquid-absorbing, electrically conductive, oil, fungus, and bacteria-resistant, fit for traffic)

What are the advantages of combining the production and sales activities at one location in Austria?

  • KRAIBURG Austria has more than 70 years of experience and expertise in processing rubber materials
  • Close connection between research and development and quality assurance at the Geretsberg location
  • "Made in Austria" guarantees a high standard of quality

Why the "forest ground effect"?

We know: the more variety we integrate into our movements, the better the organism fares. Forced postures and long-term improper biomechanical stress without variation have proven to be harmful.

The ergonomic industrial mats from KRAIBURG Matting Systems offer a "forest floor effect" in which the elasticity of the tread surface stimulates intuitive compensation movements, thereby activating the calf and vein musculature.

How is the ergonomic effect of the industrial mats achieved?

  • Surface and underside geometry
  • Geometry developed by KRAIBURG Austria – in-depth knowledge and testing of suitable geometries – Within the framework of the fiot field study, the effectiveness of elastic floor mats (ERGOLASTEC® industrial mats) on muscular fatigue in standing workplaces was scientifically proven.
  • Suitable mat thickness of the ERGOLASTEC® floor mats for optimum geometry application

Why are there different surfaces?

The surface geometry of the mats has a great influence on standing comfort, safety, and the ability to rotate. It also determines the ergonomic values of the product. With ERGOLASTEC®, KRAIBURG offers the following surfaces:

  • DRY For standing and walking areas, dry areas, good trafficability of the profile (e.g. assembly)
  • WET Very high standing comfort, for use with chips & welding beads, easy to turn
  • DIAMOND For working areas with increased risk of slipping, for use with chips & welding beads
  • SUPERDRAIN Perforated mat – particularly suitable for wet workplaces
  • Do industrial mats create a risk of tripping?

The bevelled edges of the ERGOLASTEC® work mats (20°) significantly reduce the risk of tripping and accidents!

Why are ERGOLASTEC industrial mats heavier than many rival products?

At every workplace, a solid foothold and slip protection have the highest priority. In order to guarantee this safety, our development team has designed a robust rubber mat with an average total weight of approx. 17 kg (per mat with the standard dimensions of 1,000 x 1,350 mm).

Advantages of the KRAIBURG puzzle connection compared to pressed puzzles/plug connections

  • Reversible connection type – very elegant and durable
  • ERGOLASTEC® rubber industrial mats ensure a very solid stability of the puzzle connection with great material thickness
  • Puzzle connection cut by a water jet: the natural material shrinkage of the rubber is completed and the fit accurate – Substantial advantage compared to pressed puzzles which show high tolerances in the connection area (gaps)!

How is the electrical conduction created through the ESD mat on an electrically non-conductive substrate?

Normally, standing on the ERGOLASTEC industrial mat with a surface resistance of <105 ohm is sufficient. In accordance with EN 61340-4-1, the Austrian rubber mat is electrically conductive.
Before putting the "ESD workplace" into operation, the floor covering's conductivity must be checked and approved by the "ESD representative" or another authorised person.

This is done by means of a supplied metal ESD clip. This clip is fixed or screwed to the mat and then connected to a grounding object (e.g. machine grounding) with a cable.
The metallic ESD clip and the discharge cable are supplied if required. Drill a hole of Ø 5 – 6 mm (e.g. with a wood drill) where you wish to attach the clip (preferably in the edge area of the mat at the bevel or in the reinforced web area, but not on the stand surface, i.e. in the nub area) and then screw the ESD clip to the mat.
If Ergolastec ESD mats are laid on a non-electrically conductive substrate as a composite and an electrical conductor is created by means of an ESD clip, we recommend that each individual mat be fitted with an ESD clip and grounded.

Future and sustainability

The puzzle connection gives the ERGOLASTEC® industrial mats a high degree of flexibility

  • Also suitable for use at other workplaces
  • No additional acquisition costs
  • Avoid waste by transforming your workplace

How are ERGOLASTEC® industrial mats cleaned?

The rubber mats are easy to clean. You can clean them by sweeping, vacuuming, or washing them down with ordinary cleaning agents or water or steam jets (minimum distance of 40 cm). When using steam jet equipment, please note that temperature peaks of max. 140°C are only guaranteed for short spraying periods.
In order to fully guarantee the mat's anti-slip properties, it is necessary to regularly clean it and remove dirt and impurities from the first use.

Special instructions for cleaning the Ergolastec_Clean in the food industry:
The following products are recommended for cleaning: for cleaning and degreasing the "F100 Super" and for disinfecting the "BOWI-SEPT" by HWR-Chemie. If you use more specialised and industry-specific cleaning agents, we recommend that you contact your KRAIBURG contact person directly.

Are the ERGOLASTEC® industrial mats subject to special hygiene regulations?
In the course of the BG inspection certificate, a hygienic inspection was carried out on the ERGOLASTEC® industrial mats. Surface defects are harmless from a hygienic point of view, as unrestricted cleaning is still possible. There are no additional joints on the individual mats, as the mats are made from one piece. If several mats are connected by means of the puzzle connection, the connection points can be detached for cleaning, are readily accessible, and easy to clean. The puzzle connection is cut by means of a water jet, as a result of which natural material shrinkage of the rubber occurs and the accuracy of fit is given – very important when it comes to hygiene, since the accuracy of fit allows for merely small tolerances in the connection area (gaps).

How do rubber mats differ from polyurethane mats?

Elastomer mats

strong>Virgin rubber
Mats made of technical elastomers are generally very well suited for industrial use. The vulcanised rubber can be individually adjusted in many directions to meet customer requirements. Hardness, tensile strength, compression set, colour, and UV resistance can be adjusted using different polymers and additives, thus generating many different product variants. The KRAIBURG Group (www.kraiburg.com) companies are market leaders in this field.

NBR mats (e.g. Ergolastec® oil) are used in machining areas, for example. Their resistance to water, mineral oil, petrol, diesel, grease, and oil-based cooling lubricants is very good. Additional flame-retardant or antistatic settings are possible. Weather resistance is optimised through antioxidants.
Due to its resistance to kitchen grease, this elastomer is certainly suitable for use in gastronomy and similar areas. Some manufacturers such as KRAIBURG ERGOLASTEC optimise this feature by including antibacterial and antifungal additives (Ergolastec® clean).

SBR, on the other hand, is an all-rounder (Ergolastec® basic) with a good price-performance ratio. This elastomer displays good resistance and minimal swelling in polar solvents as well as in alcohols and water. It is insensitive to brake fluid (e.g. DOT 4). In contrast, SBR swells strongly in aliphates, aromatics, and chlorinated hydrocarbons, especially in mineral oil, lubricating grease, and petrol.
Anti-fatigue mats made of SBR are mainly used in dry working areas.